Program Creation and Management

We are key advisors for governmental agencies and large private entities, providing strategic direction for complex processes, program management and construction and implementation oversight.

• Large project implementation strategies and comprehensive process design

• Establishing financial safeguards and oversight throughout draws and funding cycle

• Total construction management, quality control and owners representative services

• Creating customized digital tools for asset management and growth planning

Resource Stewardship

Although environmental analysis often begins at the site specific scale, the need to address regional and global impacts is evident. To meet this ideal we offer the following management tools:

• Baseline environmental and site characteristics inventory

• Inventory of archeological and historical conditions

• Analysts of wind, solar, hydro, weather and other
natural regimes

Cultural Resources Context

The intensity of human activities can significantly influence the direction of a project. This is why gathering, utilizing and managing cultural conditions is an important part of this practice area. A few examples:

• Undertake visual resource analysis to understand physical and aesthetic effects on the landscape

• Relate existing activities such as agriculture, forestry, ranching and other commercial enterprises

• Incorporate the planning process, management plans and historical public uses in the area

• Integrate into the area's transportation network to ensure connectivity and energy efficiency

• Understand the importance of socio-economic impacts

• Relate accurately to stakeholders

• Comprehend indigenous architectural styles and themes, building and plant materials and construction techniques

• Identify opportunities to integrate existing conditions with current and emerging technologies


Selected Projects
Pathfinder Wind

U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development – NSP

Regional Plan Digital Implementation Plan



jia runway construction


wte flow diagram
wte flow diagram







• Strategic Process Design

• Construction Management

• Resource Planning

• Land and Ecosystem Management

• Resource Modeling and Monitoring

• Real Estate Asset Management

• Corporate Development

• Program Management



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